Teen years mean big changes, whether your child is as young as 10 or as old as 17. Those years can also mean major shifts for you as their parent or caregiver.

Forward Together was created to help you build and strengthen your relationship with the young people in your life through their growing and developing years.

Forward Together is a collaboration between the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS).

CDPHE is dedicated to protecting and improving the health and environment of all Coloradans. CDHS empowers Coloradans to thrive by connecting individuals and families with assistance, resources and support for living independently in our state, including support for the healthy development of children and youth.

Their combined investment in Forward Together helps parents and teens become more connected. 

We’ll provide you with research and information on youth development, tips for parents and caregivers, and stories from other parents about how they’re connecting with their teens.

Your effort can have a big impact. Youth who have someone to go to with their problems are healthier, more resilient and make healthier choices.

By making the effort to find out more, you are taking the first step toward a healthier future for your teen. We are glad to be your partner on that journey.

Let's move Forward Together.

Watch the Forward Together TV Spots

Colorado parents and adults share how they took steps toward connection with teens.

Colorado youth share how small moments made a big difference to them.