Teens are faced with a lot of choices...

…from what classes to take to what kind of person they want to be. Some of the decisions they face will be harder than others, like trying marijuana or getting in a car with someone who has been drinking. So how can you help keep them safe and empower them to make healthy choices?

Start by letting them know how much they matter to you and that you’re there for them if they have to make a difficult choice. You also might want to learn more about the topic by using the resources and websites shared on this page and to ask a few more questions to understand the issues your teen is facing. The most important thing is to have the conversations and to let them know you want what’s best for their future.

The world looks different than when you were their age, and the risks and choices they face are different too.

Showing how much you care and being there to listen can actually make a big impact on their life in the long run. In 2019, the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey showed that youth who believe they have someone they can go to with a personal or serious problem are less likely to make unhealthy choices, like misusing drugs and alcohol or engaging in violent behavior.

Check out these resources for information on the risks kids face and suggestions on how to help them make healthy choices.