It comes on fast — suddenly, your teen is preparing to start high school. They are finding their passions, signing up for classes, navigating friendships and exploring their own sense of identity. It can be exciting and exhausting — for them and for you.

The good news? Your support can go a long way in helping your teen find their way though this transition. It’s all about taking small, intentional steps, not making big changes.  When we give our teens this attention and support on their path to adulthood, we can build stronger relationships with them — and research shows that supports their growth into happy, healthy adults. 

Check out these resources to understand what kids are going through from age 15-17. 

What Are They Experiencing at This Age?

When you understand teen years, it can help you connect. See this summary of teen development and check out these videos about the transition from middle school to high school.

How Do I Get Them to Talk?

Listening to Youth

 Good conversations require good listening, too. Here are tips for how to listen well. As you help your high schooler with this transition, how does it go? Send us a note or DM us on Instagram to tell us about it! We are always looking for the stories of real parents and adults who are supporting teens.