Social distancing, remote school and limited social interactions has changed life dramatically for adults and young people alike.

Has it challenged some of your connections? Has life in the coronavirus pandemic benefited your relationships with teens, or has it made things even more complex and difficult?

We asked a few Colorado parents and trusted adults how the pandemic has impacted their relationships – and what has been helpful.

“For my relationships with my daughter, I think it has taught us patience. And just to be aware of what’s going on outside of our own lives. I think this is a good lesson to learn how to care for the world around you. We were already very close, but I think it has encouraged both of us to talk about our fears. To be able to mentally work through the situation in the world and, to a certain degree, lean on each other…it’s been good.”

– Dan, Father, Arvada

“It’s actually been a positive for our relationship. Normally what he does is competitive soccer. So, our schedule is really lax now, and he’s not doing it 3, 4, 5, 6 times a week. So we’ve been able to connect – hunting, fishing, working outside in the garage. Normally he’s out in the garage every night doing something. So, it’s actually brought us closer together.”

– James, Father, Pueblo

“We’re around each other a lot, which I think is hard for any family when there’s not a lot of outlet. Our kids can’t say, “I’m going togo to the mall with my friends,” or “I’m going to go to the movies.”  Everyone’s feeling the change and getting irritated. Not everybody wants to be inside all the time. Not being able to hang out with your friends and large groups is so pivotal when you’re a teenager, and I know that’s really challenging for our kids. Change like this is uncomfortable. It’s just what we have right now. What we have to work with.”

– Alison, Stepmom, Lakewood

“So something that we always did in person with our students was share a meal together, because that really does build community. So in order to still be able to have that I’ve decided to just have food delivered to people’s homes. We still meet and eat together – it’s just over Zoom. We can still see each other and share that meal together and have that experience.”

– Kathleen, Student Advisor, Denver