In This Guide, You Will:

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Learn simple ways to start the conversation

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Get the facts about vaping to come to the convos feeling more confident

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Find questions to ask and what to expect

Let’s get started with Connect More: Beyond the Vape Clouds Edition!

first steps:


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Start the conversation by asking your teen+ what they know or have heard about vaping.

If they mention specific details, take the time to verify the facts together. Share with your teens anything you find confusing, surprising, or concerning, and ask for their thoughts on the matter.

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When talking to your teen about vaping, emphasize the good parts of your relationship.

Focus on what makes them special— their personality, abilities, talents, and skills. This can not only make the conversation more meaningful but can also help them understand you are bringing the topic to their attention because you care, and not as a critique.

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Develop a game plan to say “No.”

Even though saying a simple “No thanks” works for many teens when offered a vape, it’s a good idea to talk about other options just in case. Sit down together and come up with things they can say or do if a friend tries to get them to vape. Practicing these responses now can help your teen handle these situations better in the future.

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Communicate the rules:

Discussing your household rules and expectations about vaping helps teens make healthier decisions.

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Don’t let out emotions, like anger or fear, when you hear something unexpected or difficult.

It can sometimes be hard for young people to talk about how they feel or to share their experiences. They may also be worried about your reaction if they open up to you. Just listen.

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Be consistent and keep your conversations going.

If a conversation feels hard, you can pause and return to it another day. You don’t have to cover everything at once.

Try These Conversation Starters


Check out our tools to help prevent substance use and share what you’ve learned with your teen. It’s never too early or too late to start the conversation.